2 de maio de 2009

Stephen Mumford em Letras

Stephen Mumford, Professor da Universidade de Nottingham, fará uma conferência no Seminário de Filosofia Analítica (sessão nº4), no próximo dia 8 de Maio, às 16h, na Sala Mattos Romão da FLUL. O tema da intervenção será o seguinte: "Modelling Causes as Vectors"

"Abstract: Causal transactions are standardly modelled in neuron diagrams, which are presented as a philosophically neutral way of representing what happens when one thing causes another. It is argued in this paper that neuron diagrams are a theory-laden representation of causation and that the commitments contained are questionable. Instead, a vector model of causation is introduced and developed that shows better the complexity that can be involved in causation. Among other things, the model will allow us to see a solution to the problem of causation by absence."

Entrada livre.

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