18 de fevereiro de 2011

Plural Quantification and Modality

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Conferência de Gabriel Uzquiano da Universidade de Oxford: "Plural Quantification and Modality" (25 de Fevereiro, 16h).

Identity is a modally inflexible relation: if objects are identical, then they are necessarily identical. The necessity of identity is generally supported by the combination of Leibniz's law of indiscernibility of identicals and the premise that every object is necessarily self-identical. How special is identity in this respect? Do any other relations have a comparable claim to modal inflexibility? In particular, we will look at the relation one object bears to some objects iff it is "one of" them. Is it the case that if one object is one of them, then it is necessarily one of them? What could be the justification for this claim?

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