13 de setembro de 2011

Disputatio 30 e 31

Dois novos números da Disputatio estão acessíveis  on-line em www.disputatio.com. 
Vol. IV, no. 31 (November 2011) (Pre-Prints)


  • The weak collective agential autonomy thesis (David Botting)  
  • Necessity and Color Incompatibility (Brian Kierland)
  • What photographs are (and what they are not) (Jiri Benovsky)
  • First-order logic and some existential sentences (Stephen K. McLeod)
  • Travelling in Branching Time (Manolo Martínez)

Book reviews

  • Wittgenstein’: Mind, Meaning and Metaphilosophyedited by Pasquale Frascolla (Manuel Pérez Otero)
  • Noncognitivism in Ethicsby Mark Schroeder (Daan Evers)
  • The Problem of Evil, by Peter van Inwagen (Timothy Pritchard)
  • Occasion-Sensitivity: Selected Essays, by Charles Travis (Alexander Davies)

 Vol. IV, no. 30 (May 2011)

Special Issue: XIIIth Taller d'Investigació en Filosofia (TIF)

  • Editor’s Introduction (Marta Jorba and Sergi Oms)


  • Do honeybees have concepts? (Bernardo Aguilera Dreyse)
  • Might-counterfactuals and the principle of conditional excluded middle (Ivar Hannikainen)
  • On the transcendental deduction in Kant’s Groundwork III (Marilia Espirito Santo)
  • Visual Experience and Demonstrative Thought (Thomas Raleigh)

Book reviews

  • The Disordered Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy and Mental Illness, by George Graham (Josefa Toribio)
  • LOT 2: The Language of Thought Revisited, by Jerry Fodor (Michael O'Sullivan)
  • Narratives and Narrators: A Philosophy of Stories, by Gregory Currie (Francesco Gentile)

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