2 de março de 2012

Coordination and Disagreement across Perspectives

Coordination and Disagreement across Perspectives


Lisbon, 10-12 September 2012

The problem of coordination (and lack thereof) across perspectives manifests itself in many guises: in communication, lying and misleading, in agreements and disagreements, in shared worlds and group actions, and in competition.

This networking event brings together researchers from three collaborative research projects (CCCOM, DRUST and NormCon) within the EUROCORES EuroUnderstanding Programme.

The workshop will be organized by the LanCog Group of the Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon.

It will be integrated with a graduate workshop (OFA8), locally organized by early career researchers. There will be 6 slots for graduate students, or researchers who have obtained their PhDs within the last 2 years, to present their work. A call for abstracts is now underway.


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