20 de outubro de 2012

Kierkegaard: Philosophy, Literature and the Challenges of Infinitude

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International Conference
Kierkegaard: Philosophy, Literature and the Challenges of Infinitude

October 25- 26, 2012

FLUL, Faculty of Humanities, University of Lisbon Room 5.2


Thursday, October 25
9:30-9.45: Words of Welcome
Morning Session I: (moderator: José Miranda Justo)
9.45-10.15: (1) Pia Søltoft (U Copenhagen): Falling in Love with Existence
10.15-10.30: Discussion
10.30-11.00: (2) Marcio Gimenes de Paula (U Brasília): Love in Kierkegaard: discussions around eros, agape and philia
11.00-11:15: Discussion

11.15-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-11:50: (3) Post-graduate student 1 - Sara Eckerson (IFL, U Nova, Lisbon): Kierkegaard’s musical ideas: determinations and reconciliation of “A Cursory Observation” and “The Immediate Erotic Stages”
11.50-12.00: 12.00-12.30:
12.30-12.45: 13.00-14.20:
(4) Elisabete Sousa (CFUL, U Lisbon): Repetition in continual reference to
Discussion Lunch

Afternoon Session I: (moderator: Richard Purkarthofer)
14.30-15.00: (5) Poul Lübcke (U Copenhagen): An Infinity of Voices
15.00-15.15: Discussion
15:15-15:35: (6) Post-graduate student 2 - Ana Pinto Leite: Climacus' revocation: a dialogical perspective
15:35-15:45: Discussion
15.45-16.00: Coffee Break

6.45-17.15: (8)RobertoGaraventa (UChieti-Pescara): The aesthetic way of life between
boredom and search of the interesting
17.15-17.30: Discussion 17.30-18.10: Book launch
Migalhas Filosóficas, Portuguese translation by José Miranda Justo of Philosophiske Smuler, presented by Marcio Gimenes de Paula
Kierkegaard in Lisbon, presented by Richard Purkarthofer

Friday, October 26
Morning Session II: (moderator: René Rosfort)
9.45-10.15: (9) Oscar Parcero Oubinha (U Vigo): Loquere ut videam: “Guilty?”/”Not Guilty?” and The Writing of Irony
10.15-10.30: Discussion
10.30-10.50: (10) Post-graduate student 3 - Fernando Silva (CFUL, U Lisbon): “A
subjectivity raised to the second power”: Kierkegaard’s view of Schlegel’s concept of irony
10.50-11:00: Discussion 11.00-11.15: Coffee break
16:00-16.30: (7) Ingrid Basso: Infinitude and Freedom, Possibility and negation: the chance of a philosophical treatment of the concept of reality in Kierkegaard and the influence of the latest Schelling

11:15-11.45: (11) Bartholomew Ryan (U Nova, Lisbon): Into the Nothing, or conquering temporality with Kierkegaard and Pessoa
11.45-12:00: Discussion
12.00-12.20: (12) Post-graduate student 4 - Susana Janic (CFUL, U Lisbon): Prefaces as
polemical and fragmentary discourses
12.20-12.30: Discussion

12.45-14.15: Lunch
Afternoon Session II: (Moderator: Elisabete Sousa)

14.30-15.00: (13)RichardPurkarthofer(UWuppertal):Images of Infinitude
15.00-15.15: Discussion
15.15-15.35: (14)Post-graduatestudent 5-BrunoPeixeDias(CFUL,ULisbon):Existential Truths and Challenging Acts: The Antiphilosophy of Kierkegaard
15.35-15.45: Discussion 15.45-16:00: Coffee Break
16.00-16.30: (15)RenéRosfort(UCopenhagen):Fragile Personhood:Anthropology and Emotional Harmony in The Concept of Anxiety
16.30-16.45: Discussion
16.45-17.15: (16) José Miranda Justo (CFUL, U Lisbon): Kierkegaard’s Writing and
Infinitude: If we are finite, how can we relate or refer to infinitude.
17.15-17.30: Discussion 17.30: Final remarks 20:00: Dinner

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elisabetemdesousa@gmail.com josemmjusto@gmail.com c.filosofia@fl.ul.pt

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